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About us

About Gro IT

We are a group of IT developers that have collaborated with doctors/hospitals to build a system that applies to any hospital environment to enhance patient experience while providing value to the hospital both monetarily and in its management.
Our company

Truly Connecting Doctors and Patients through Cutting Edge Cloud-based Solutions

We aspire to build a comprehensive suite of products that will drastically ease hospital management and provide all data at the fingertips of the management for better patient care and increase its patient base and patient loyalty at the same time.
We develop internal frameworks for businesses that enhance their productivity manifold. We take pride in getting our hands dirty when it comes to organizing the most mundane tasks of the organization. A planned and meticulous approach is what sets us apart from the rest of the IT Companies out there.


Awarded as Best Emerging Innovative Health-Tech Company by Times Business Awards-2021


We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

Appointment Dashboard
Get a well organised appointment management dashboard for your entire out patient management such as appointment status, checkin & check out of patients, upload medical records and prescriptions, monitor doctor movements in & out of the cabin, mark delay/leave for doctors, monitor waiting time and many more. Your patients are your focus and through this software implemented in your OPD - your patients shall have a smooth experience in your clinic/hospital.
Call Centre Dashboard
A easy one screen based appointment handling for any number of branches & doctors for call centre executives to cater to the needs of your patients. This software can better the performance of your call centre manifold through suggestions and prompts for different enquiries resulting in better conversions and much better patient experience. The software also ensures ease in tele consultation by having a different flow process for both visit consultations & tele consultation.
QUEUE Management
The queue management is an add on to the Appointment Software to understand the patient flow in your OPD and provide real time information of the doctor status and patient que both on the mobile and display screens in the opd. The patient shall be informed regarding his que position and the estimated wait time so that he can better manag his/her time resulting in less waiting minutes at the hospital and a better experience with the doctor. The software can be customized to manage any type of service queues too.
Health Record Management
"Gone are the days of paper case records,prescriptions and consent forms. With this platform you will now be able to take patient history, add patient medical records, post procedures, view case file summary, manage consents for procedure, provide investigation & prescriptions for medicine and many more features. The product can be customized as per your practice. So hurry now and get on our technology platforms and bring in a world of difference in your clinical/patient management methods. With the suite of products at your finger tips you can now ensure a better clinical experience for your self and your patients. "
Chat & Video Consult
Never be too far from your patients - now ensure chat activation to preferred customers for better loyalty and also have a video consultation platform for your patients to connect to you when they are not able to visit the centre and be ready for any pandemic situation too. GRO IT products have been designed to better the world of healthcare management for both patient and doctors. Hurry now and book your free demo!
Direct Payment Portal
No middle men/agents to process your payments. Now directly recieve your fees to your bank account with ease through the integration of your UPI account details with the app and web portals. Never miss any payments and establish a virtual clinic too to expand your practice beyond just the local demography.

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